Below are a few questions I have learned to sit with and invite others to explore after making foolish, faith based and fruitful decisions…and at times all of the above. 

  1. Am I dysregulated?  

If my nervous system is in a state of dysregulation I am not in the best place to make a decision. This is often hard because I am so tempted to make decisions when I am worked up and it certainly feels good for that moment. If I am dysregulated…am I taken over by a younger, critical or shadowy part of me? 

  1. Am I dismissing? 

What are the facts and perspectives that I could be dismissing? Have I sought out wise counsel that I trust? Have I given enough space for the small voice within to whisper over the large roars? 

  1. Am I disturbing or disrupting?

Will this decision disrupt what needs to be disrupted even if that causes short term pain? Will it bring long term peace or more disturbance? If I stay with indecision (which is still a decision) what will this pattern look like in 10, 20, 30 years? 

Decisions are truly transformative, we are making them all the time.


  1. What is a decision you are sitting with? 
  2. What do these three questions bring up for you?