Executive & Team 

Executive & Team Coaching is primarily for Directors, Vice Presidents and Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs) or C-Level Leaders. Aman has worked with hundreds of Dir+ leaders across Government, Tech, Health-Care and Non-profits in coach training workshops and coaching. Her standard 6 month approach includes pre and post 360 assessments, creating measurable goals, aligning the coaching with the strategic outcomes of the organization and ensuring an on-going partnership with the manager in the process.

Vertical Development Based 

Executives are leading through increased complexity with COVID, shifts in the market and rapid changes in technological advances. Vertical development focuses on enhancing a leaders internal capacity to match and shape external complexity in a global interdependent world. This coaching focuses on understanding current stage of development and co-creating practices to further capacity while honoring the beauty and innate depth of the person.

Coaching Rooted  
in Wisdom

Wisdom is not only in religion, spirituality and the wise words of the enlightened. It is also found in the depths of internal inquiry, life experiences and humility. Bottoms lead to break throughs. There are diamonds in the dark. Wisdom traditions offer a journey of development that helps individuals anchor into the internal world and recognize the larger forces, beliefs and ideologies at play in everyday life. Wisdom returns us back to the common path we are all on, no matter our status, position or vantage point…that of being human.