Un-Shattered Glass

Seeing the world through a wound – I can’t see clearly at all.
It’s like looking through shattered glass.
You see an image that is almost there and not quite.
The Ego fills in the gaps.
For a very long time, I could not see clearly.
I still catch myself blinking.
In divine timing.
Anxiously awaiting.
I didn’t know it.
And in that anxiety spinning myself up with more…
Relieving, re-living and stirring my own pot
And then in its own time of letting go… it lifted.  
Then I was anxious that I didn’t have the anxiety. lol
It had given me so much self-willed security. 
Is this what inner stability is?
Am I now well adjusted? Perhaps like a lizard, turning my neck and licking one eye. 
Acceptance – the image is not cracked – it is, what it is.
Rather…what it was.
just there.
Peace perhaps isn’t about being peaceful.
It’s accepting the disturbance.
And seeing…clearly.  

The artist is John Kiley. Courtesy of Montague Gallery