What is within: spirituality or spiritual narcissism?

God is within people.


People are not God.

My belief and distinction…..

What does this have to do with human or ego development? 

 In the former – there is space for access, hope and humility. There is a safe container for the ego to develop and let go turning to and trusting a mystery. 

In the latter, if People are God there could be ego identification, idealization, idolization, ego inflation and spiritual narcissism. 

On a conscious level one might go…well of course People are Not God. How ridiculous. And, on a subconscious level there are people who may have reached either status knowingly or unknowingly. People at work, in a relationship – in any situation where we inflate (or deflate) another out of any emotion, emotional reasoning or hierarchical logic. 

I’ve done it! Fear has a way of making people god. As does Anger, and greed, envy/jealousy, desire, awe, wonderment etc. etc. 

Maybe it’s just me. 

Recognizing flaws in myself and others ground me the beauty and limits of humanity. 

Reflection: Who if anyone have you made a god today? (OR a devil lol)?

Kind regards,