Coaching Rooted 
in Wisdom

Wisdom is not only in religion, spirituality and the wise words of the enlightened. It is also found in the depths of internal inquiry, life experiences and humility. Bottoms lead to break throughs. There are diamonds in the dark. Wisdom traditions offer a journey of development that helps individuals anchor into the internal world and recognize the larger forces, beliefs and ideologies at play in everyday life. Wisdom returns us back to the common path we are all on, no matter our status, position or vantage point…that of being human.

“Aman’s knowledge is wide and deep, so in any moment in working with me she had just the right thing to offer….a framework for me to play with, a tool to try, a poem to read. Even more important, though, was her radical presence. From Aman, you can expect steadiness, compassion, bold challenge, humor – all of which lead to you creating who you want to be.” Dan Brown, Principal at Xpontential Coaching and Consulting, Founder Coaching for Justice

“I was extremely fortunate to be referred by colleague to Aman…she challenged and inspired me to grow and change in ways that have made a life long impact.” Amanda Green, PhD, Non-Profit Director

“Aman made an impact on me both professionally and personally. She listens. She asks incisive questions. And she offers frameworks for seeing your leadership in a whole new light.” Matt Reagan, Former VP, Lyft