Coaching Hidden 

The shadow is not complex to understand. It simply represents that which is hidden or unconscious. What is hidden eventually comes to the surface as a blind spot that is usually easy to resolve. What is in the shadow (unconscious) takes time to come to the surface with careful attention and patience.

The shadow often becomes more clear during a crisis, break down or volatile event in our larger reality.  Coaching provides support for leaders to grow forward instead of fall back on old mindsets/behaviors that will not match the adaptability needed for the current moment. 

My approach to shadow coaching involves 4 key parts of assessing, allowing, accepting and adapting.

“In my first intro session with Aman, my heart and mind were blown open. She saw me, shared insights about my life and path that I was blind to…Aman is a compassionate catalyst for transformation give yourself the gift of working with her.” John Paul Mantey, Director, Sales Enablement

“People need to learn with more than just their minds and be met with unconditional acceptance as they start to see the path forward. She can do that.” Russ Gaskin, Founder and Managing Director, CoCreative Consulting