Aman Gohal 
Lead Instructor 

Coaching Hidden dimensions became a passion of Aman’s after hitting several bottoms discovering her diamonds in the dark. She is passionate about intersecting Human Development, Psychology and Spirituality in her methods. She started teaching meditation 20 years ago, a coach for 13 years and after near heart failure at 33 integrated 12 step, somatic and shadow work… a source of renewal.  She discovered the doorway to the true self rests in the cracks of the ego where there is no greater spiritual strength than human limitation. After applying her discoveries to coaching, her clients encouraged her to offer it as a program. Aman is a Certified Executive Coach, Faculty in the Georgetown Executive Coaching program, trainer and coach in vertical development, meditation teacher, 12 step member/sponsor and honored pup mom of Freedom Butterscotch.

Aman Gohal
Alisha Herrick
Alisha Herrick 
Mentor Coach

Alisha is a Certified Evidence-Based Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator. She dives deep into the shadows with her clients to uncover and integrate whatever unconscious patterns might be getting in their way. With gentleness and humor, Alisha walks alongside her clients as they discover greater clarity, leading them to more empowered and intentional decision making. She has coached individuals, from individual contributors to executive level, at Lyft, KeepTruckin, Instacart, Genentech, & Children’s Hospital of LA and is thrilled to join Coaching Hidden Dimensions as a mentor coach. Alisha has an extensive background in social activism, performance art, and Eastern Spirituality. 

Cynthia Gregory 
Mentor Coach

Cynthia Gregory, MFA, is an award-winning writer, author of Journaling As Sacred Practice: An Act of Extreme Bravery. Her collected short stories, What is Possible from Here, was published in 2021. As a consciously creative storyteller, Cynthia supports her clients desire to create a narrative that aligns with their values and vision. This in turn supports a space for organically creative solutions; enabling them to play to their strengths and claim a healthier, more productive life balance. Cynthia is passionate about Aman Gohal’s Coaching Hidden Dimensions™ work and Coaching Hidden Dimensions, where profound transformational change is possible that she experienced for herself.

Cynthia Gregory
Russ Watts
Russ Watts 
Mentor Coach

Russ has been intrigued by and drawn to the long distance running of shadow work. He has seen and felt the arduous task and the liberation of this exploration and working with others he has discovered the communal lift and deeper meaning making around finding and cherishing oneself and freeing others from long held woundedness. He is excited to join you on this expedition. He deeply enjoyed joining Aman in the last 3 editions of Coaching Hidden Dimensions. His coaching focuses on health, wellness and systems. He is faculty in Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformation Leadership Health and Wellness coaching Certificate, Executive Coaching program and the Bocconi University in the MaSEM program (Master in Sustainability &, Energy Management).  Russ lives in Italy with his family and passion for outdoor adventures.

Dan D’Agostino 
Mentor Coach

Dan is a CEO and Professional Certified Coach with 3Sixty Leadership, a firm that supports clients manage their mind and their business. Dan was initially exposed to Hidden Dimensions work as a facilitator of Jungian based Men’s Groups. His interest peaked after being both a client of Aman’s and attending previous iterations of the program. As a coach, Dan leans heavily on insight and a direct approach that promotes honesty, accountability, and personal exploration. From experience, Dan knows how “adventurous” hidden dimension work can be and he uses humor and care to support clients through their journey. When Dan isn’t coaching, you can find him playing jokes on his kids, deepening his meditation practice, or riding his mtn bike.

Dan D’Agostino
Nick Owen           

Nick Owen is a consultant with an international reputation whose work has been acclaimed across a variety of contexts: corporate organisations, education, the professions and the arts. Drawing on a rich and diverse background as writer, theatre director, actor, storyteller, coach, facilitator, and company director, he is known for his creative and alternative ways of exploring some of the key issues that affect individual and organisational success, innovation, and transformation.

Nick’s particular areas of expertise include coaching and facilitating individuals and teams, assisting leaders to develop their own story and their organisation’s narrative, supporting individuals to develop their own uniquely engaging presentation style and working with metaphor and what is disowned [|Shadow] to unlock difficult issues.

Nick is also a member of GLA’s Certification team (mentoring those who wish to become certified in using the GLP for their own clients) as well as facilitating vertical development workshops and programmes.