Level 1 
Coaching Hidden Dimensions™
During the Coaching Hidden Dimensions™ level 1 session coaches will be introduced to basic concepts of the shadow and how this form of inquiry can support powerful questions and Presence in coaching. First, there is nothing wrong with you and the shadow is not “bad”. We all have shadows. However, when we are unaware and have not integrated the shadow as a friend on the path, the ego will be overtaken by it. Shadow inquiry™ can help initial understanding of how past patterns can transform the present. Spiritual teachers, learning and development, people practitioners are welcome.

A Practitioner Dialogue.

How can an Adult Development Lens Expand the DEIB and Social Justice Conversation?


Evidence Based Human Development.

Who are you?

What has shaped that?

More importantly, who are you becoming?

Humans develop in complex ways. Each person has their own unique dimensions and predictable patterns of development. My approach focuses on understanding your life, leadership and unique internal landscape. An authentic true self can be known through the depths of shadow and internal inquiry. Without this, development remains an outside in approach that adapts to the exterior while ignoring the call of the internal self.


Coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client. As the client you are in the driver’s seat. In our work together we will dive into deeper places of inquiry to understand how patterns of the past are creating barriers and potential opportunities now. We will also explore new terrain toward toward your goals understanding the role of the shadow along the way. This exploration will allow for greater leadership performance through an increased capacity to see oneself, others and the context you are in. 

Scaling Leadership 

Are you seeking to scale leadership development programs?

Looking to create an internal coaching program?

Do you want to offer leadership workshops based on leading edge research? 

Dr. Gohal started her career in management consulting for Federal and commercial clients designing and scaling leadership programs, offsites and corporate wide learning (i.e. coaching, team coaching, Exec peer coaching, mentoring, leadership onboarding, leadership immersions, flagship, high-potentials etc.). 


Sharpening the sword in coaching is a continuous practice. Are you a coach that is interested in:

  • Expanding your own practice?
  • Practicing ICF Core Coaching Competencies (and behavioral markers)?
  • Fulfilling mentor coaching hours?
  • Integrating shadow coaching into your work?



To address current social justice crisis’ we must examine external organizational structures and internal beliefs. Moving beyond ordinary conversations to coaching conversations can offer a meta view to addressing social justice dilemmas. In addition to ensuring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is an integrated thread to Inclusive Leadership, Aman also offers pro bono coaching to social justice causes each year. 

Pro bono social justice coaching is primarily for: 

  • Non-profits, social service and humanitarian organizations with a mission to elevate and develop the status of marginalized groups by training them for leadership roles 

This coaching is provided through non-profit partnerships and communities in which individuals are surrounded by a system of support.


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