Development w/o Spiritual Roots leads to Self Obsession

Spiritual development programs (no matter the wisdom tradition) seem to universally emphasize a period where one can let go – turn over the very Self (one’s life, one’s plans) in acceptance and trust in a higher power, spirit etc. Perhaps that is the benefit of the Ego having a God – to not accept defeat rather lean into a reverent trust and let go of all that comes from being…well a limited human.  

  • In the Christian tradition this would be moving beyond one’s own “works” toward receiving grace.
  • The Vedic-Hindu emphasizes letting go of doership – recognizing we are not the ultimate doer in the dance of karma 
  • In Buddhism it is letting go of the struggle moving fluidly with life
  • Islam actually means to surrender to the will of God
  • In 12 Steps (a non-religious spiritual program) – it is Steps 1-3 recognizing powerlessness, coming to believe and turning “it” (whatever we wrestle with) over. 

 What Freedom in letting go and trusting in a greater source and how incredible that there are so many paths in the human journey. The mind can become obsessed with one’s own “development”, “efforts”, “work”, “fight”, “busyness”, “doing” and wear it as a badge of honor. My mind certainly has! 

Reflection: What do you trust in? What quality of surrender does that trust allow? 

Kind regards,