Executive & Team 

Executive & Team Coaching is primarily for Directors, Vice Presidents and Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs) or C-Level Leaders. Aman has worked with hundreds of Dir+ leaders across Government, Tech, Health-Care and Non-profits in coach training workshops and coaching. Her standard 6 month approach includes pre and post 360 assessments, creating measurable goals, aligning the coaching with the strategic outcomes of the organization and ensuring an on-going partnership with the manager in the process. The intent of the coaching is to support high performance of the leader and alignment with the organization’s mission, vision and values.  

“What has always impressed me about Aman is her ability to ask really good questions that go right to the core of the issue, and in just trying to answer those questions, the participants experience personal growth.” Manish Gupta, EVP, Engineering, Coinbase 

“Her ability to listen and draw out insights has helped me to realize my potential in new ways.” Kimberly Robinson, Executive Vice President, The Forum for Youth Investment 

“Whether you are interested in self-reflection or leadership growth/change, Aman is an excellent asset.” Kristin Svercheck, General Counsel, Lyft