Disrupting Unconscious Destiny

In moments of  “who knows what is possible”, the ego loosens, accessing a reservoir of perspectives and the possibility for an intelligence within to renew life. 

95% of brain activity is unconscious (baed on Eagleman’s research)debunking conventional views of free will. The conscious mind is a tiny sliver. 

This includes thought patterns, beliefs, emotional responses, personality, attachment styles and automatic body responses. Jung would categorize these clusters of hidden beliefs, emotions and habits as unconscious complexes shaped by early life. These internal structures govern the psyche and magnetize patterns with others creating our destiny.  As James Hollis notes the first half of life is acting out the unconscious, the second half is starting to see it. 

The unconscious mind has already made decisions that take time for our conscious mind to catch up with. The knee jerk – yes! The hard no! The quick fixing and people pleasing, conflict avoidance for some.

As our awareness grows we recognize the inner blueprint that drives destiny. Only then can we have any sense of free will…let alone sovereignty.  

Growing in this awareness takes honesty, patience and compassionate responsibility. 

Coaching Hidden Dimensions Reflection 

  1. What are some patterns you notice in your life? If it is easier, pick one area. (mindset-belief, body, behavior, emotions etc.) 
  2. What words or phrases do you tend to use often? 
  3. What types of relationships (at work or social) do you find yourself in? What is your role?