We fall for Patterns, Not People 

Relational love for some can be exhilarating, for others a steady comfort and yet for others a dangerous threat depending on what unfinished business awaits embrace in the shadows.

A wise individual once told me, “we don’t fall in love with people – we fall in love with patterns. Be careful not to get burned by the sparks.”

Whether at work, at home or other areas of interest the mind gravitate towards the familiar. Our unconscious mind creates powerful magnets in the outer life based on old templates – while the conscious mind goes for the ride attending to “business as usual”.  

Understanding who and what holds the Seat of the Unconscious fuels transformation. As the conscious mind becomes aware of internal phenomena it might say…Wait..hold on…I can do something. Yet, the unconscious mind still charges forward. In the world of Jung, this is referred to as “shadow possession”. As the conscious mind strengthens in capacity there is awareness, choice and ACTION to not be duped again…

And truly….


I wish it were as easy as it sounds, through all the loopdy loops and backslides… a new joy awakens. 

What patterns do you fall for? Who may be sitting in the seat of your unconscious mind?