Unconscious Loyalty

Loyalty begins early, contributing to the shadow…hiding behind the curtain. We carry this loyalty all the time (some call it an unconscious belief or commitment), creating magnetic patterns that fit like a glove.

Most often we are not necessarily loyal to other people, systems or ideologies – as we are to our deeply held beliefs, assumptions and unconscious role. Some of this contributes to important values, meaning and a sense of purpose that elevates life. Other loyalties can be unknowingly useless or destructive…including a heroic self-will. 

I have found that I can be connected to others in profound new ways when I stop being loyal to my unconscious role (esp in systems). It is my sweet spot of detachment though my heart is like pudding in the shock waves and then a potential for a new equilibrium.

I don’t have to do much as a “change agent”. I just let go of the commitment to my old role which often involves: a lot of grief, prayer and courage. Unlike changing, manipulating or pretzeling the self (or having others do so) that supports a status quo  – this letting go may disturb and intrigue many (Masked False Self included).  The system (or dynamic..pattern etc.) might find a new equilibrium creating its desired homeostasis with or without me. 

What are you loyal to?