Time is Not a Tool 

When I was about 9 or 10 years old and would get upset about things my dad would come to me and say, “Aman, time heals all wounds.” 

I would turn back to him and say, “I don’t believe that.”

He would ask, “What do you believe heals things?”

I would say, “God (or Love).” 

In his usual way, he would pause and say, “OH…what about science?”  (He was a scientist)

And I would say, “Ok Fine dad…science can help.” 

Time is not a tool is something I first heard in 12 steps. And we spend it like it is the most infinite resource (when at least chronological time is pretty finite). 

I spent so many years “waiting” for time..doing all sorts of outer exercises in the compulsion of ego…while avoiding the inner life. When I surrendered to the inner life, listen to its call and partnered with time there was more perspective and healing. 

A spiritual teacher once asked me, “If you had 10 days to live…what would you do?” “What if you had a 100 years?”  

Surprising how two questions could lead to such similar answers. 

How do you partner with time?