Unconscious Man and Woman – Emotional Walls

Emotional Walls of the Internal Man and Woman

Emotional and Spiritual Walls keep the Ego locked in place until a crisis calls for attention. 

 The goddess Athena was betrayed by her father Zeus and developed emotional walls by focusing on intellectual pursuits, wisdom and strategy – remaining aloof from developing more vulnerable attachments. In fairness to Athena, Zeus swallowed her mother to prevent her from having a child more powerful than him. She was left without the feminine. The father betrayal and overdone masculine moves a woman into increased logos (rationality) and being less embodied in herself to be authentically vulnerable. The Animus (internal man in the shadows) is overly critical, driving her toward a constant negative self-image. Through shadow work she can restore her relationship to the masculine principle and use it as a source for power, protection and relating to the world authentically. 

On the flip side, men with a mother betrayal are driven unconsciously by pathos (emotions). The Anima (internal woman in the shadows) does not allow him to move into action as he reels in emotions of unworthiness, despair and pride. One such example is of Achilles. His weakness (achilles heel) is where his mother was unable to dip him fully into the River Styx which left one part of him severely vulnerable. This did not allow him to fully move forward in authentic action. Through shadow work a man can restore his relationship to the feminine principle to fuel his creative energy, connection with nature, self and others. 

The masculine and feminine principles restored to a place of conscious relationship become internal resources rather than unconscious puppeteers holding us by marionette strings.

What are some walls in your own life?  

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P.s these are really heteronormative stories that stereotype gender…take what you like and leave the rest.