When People are Big and a Greater Power is Small 

When People are Big and a Greater Power is Small

When people are big – saying No is difficult and people-pleasing is easy. Boundaries are as abstract as multivariable calculus.

When people are big – being honest (even in kind ways) is uncomfortable.

When people are big – life becomes an adaptation and the false self (persona) becomes stronger while the true self shrinks. 

When people are big there is a threat lurking around every corner and in every relationship – life is a rollercoaster! 

When people are big it is easier to suppress, hide and stick around with a calculated strategy even if things are not working. 

The fear of shame, rejection, being flawed and vulnerable is too big a threat for the true self to be radiant and shine. Life is ruled by unconscious fear, with its companions (resentment, pain and shame). 

When a  Greater Power is big and people are their true size (including oneself) – it is easier to unveil shadows, unmask the persona, to love into the unknown and rest in the True Self. 

Reflection: Can you relate to playing this game? Whose big?

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Spirituality without the shadow is a blissful bypass. Shadow work without the love, radiance and joy of Spirit is a heavy concept.

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