Transformation Requires Felt Perspective

Transformation Requires Felt Perspective

Transformation does not happen on an intellectual level. 

Transformation does not happen on an emotional level. 

Transformation also does not happen on the level of ego and self-will. 

To transform requires having embodied Perspective.

What is Perspective?

Perspective is not simply a new way of seeing things. It is a felt acceptance about what we see, our role in an underlying energy field (according to Edwin Friedman).  When we have fully accepted we can take the first real step of shifting the energetic field of the system through a simple act of: letting go. 

This won’t be pretty because the unconscious mechanisms of Human Systems (dynamics) is to keep the light off and naturally gravitate back toward a known equilibrium. 

When there is real Perspective: 

The emotions will follow. The Intellect will catch up. The Ego may scream or shout. 

What Perspective is calling?

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