The Golden Shadow

You have a lot of Gold inside. 

The golden shadow is the aura of our honesty and authentic self. It is the moment we take off all the masks of our persona and dive deep within to integrate unowned aspects of our being. 

Perhaps you have seen Disney’s Mulan (The Recent Live Action or Original Animation).  She is a great warrior from the beginning. Her gifts, talents and focus are obvious. Yet they are not hers. She cannot own them for many reasons: who is allowed to be a warrior, who is allowed to shine their light and have power. Her family, especially her father hides her truth so she can get married and be accepted at that time.  She takes the call to walk her truth and still not completely. Though powerful, her strength is weakened by trying to be something she is not. 

The moment she claims herself, fully, truthfully and honestly her power is unstoppable. She is taking her place. She is now sitting on the seat of her soul creating a new expansive life for herself and others. 

Coaching Hidden Dimensions is Soul inquiry. It is not an inquiry of what is wrong with us, it is an inquiry of what is right and what has yet to be honored and integrated.  

Curious about your Golden Shadow? 

  1. What do you hide? 
  2. What have you been taught to disown? 
  3. How have you been conditioned to stay safe and small?