Conscious vs. Aware

Conscious vs. Aware

Have you ever wondered…how come with all this awareness some things don’t change? 

When we are aware content surfaces from the subconscious without a clear understanding of where it came from and what it is rooted in. We have a blind spot that was pointed out or a pinch of something not quite right. Maybe, we aren’t sure if it is true just yet and yet we have gained some awareness.  The awareness is not the resolution, it is simply awareness. A first step. With new found awareness we can still fall into ignoring, self will, forcing, control or manipulating outcomes. However, none of these approaches last very long. 

When we become conscious content surfaces from the subconscious with a clear understanding and felt sense of what it is, where it came from and what the pattern looks like when that content plays out. We also can see ourselves in it much more clearly. We can step into it with great self-compassion as well gently remove the thorns and step into new unknown spaces. Becoming conscious is uncomfortable, sometimes painful and many times scary to let go. Yet a larger life awaits us in the process and on the other side. 

Are you curious about your shadow and golden shadow? Here are a few questions to explore…

  1. What tasks give you the most adrenaline? 
  2. When you get that inner “hit” what are you distracting from? 
  3. What parts of you (and your life) don’t get your attention?  

For those curious the distinction of Conscious vs. Aware comes from Arthur Janov and Michael Holden (1975). The Primal Man: The New Consciousness.

Aman Gohal, Ph.D., PCC