The Captivity of Emotion

There was a village next to several mountains. The villagers would never go to the mountains because of the Monster named FEAR that lived there. The shrieks and foul smell of the monster plagued the village everyday. A group of courageous warriors decided to go and confront the monster and destroy it to rid the village of this problem. As they got closer some of the warriors ran away unable to tolerate the shrieks. At the top of the mountain most of the other warriors passed out from the smell. As the warriors saw the huge shadow of the monster they started to tremble. 

One warrior went to the center of the mountain armed and ready to fight and control FEAR.

Nothing happened. 

The warrior waited and waited…finally put down its weapons and sat down.  

Just then a tiny monster jumped into the warrior’s hand. 

It then said, “Behold I am FEAR. I am quite intimidating from afar and small enough for you to hold up close, and I have an important message for you.” 


What is your relationship with fear? What is its message for you? 

Every emotion has a purpose, a mature signal and an often unconscious survival reaction. 

I have craved the on-going experience of some emotions and stayed averse to others (the ones that ironically have something important to say). Emotions are constantly played upon and manipulated from marketing, social media…to unfortunately human relationships (including work) etc. 

In the healing of my physical and emotional heart it has taken me some time to understand…

….the depth of the heart is beyond the captivity of emotions.