Break the Stick

Any transition requires spaciousness to allow new-ness to emerge. Often what gets in the way of adopting a new vision is an old unconscious one with its hooks still in us. 

With those hooks, we can be met with untenable situations that seem to keep us stuck.

There’s a Zen Koan* where the teacher holds a stick.

The teacher says to the student, “If you tell me this stick is real, “I will hit you with it. “If you tell me it is not real, I will hit you with it. If you say nothing, I will hit you with it.”

And so, the student reaches out, grabs the stick, and breaks it. 

The subtle and not so subtle art of letting go…begins with acceptance and awareness that we have possibilities. As adults, empowerment is what we define by our conscious choices not our obligations, or past conditioning. The external is simply replaying the internal scripts and dilemmas.