Alchemy of Attending to the Inner Thorns

Maturing in human development* involves becoming increasingly intimate with the inner life – which is much more than self-talk. A center piece to this is the heart – an evidenced magnetic field*. 

Thee inner life authentically alters the outer one.  Attending solely to the outer life becomes a game of trying to manipulate reality reinforcing the persona (masks) we wear.  

What development is possible when the thorns in the heart remain? 

  • Distance alone doesn’t remove them. 
  • Neither does time. 
  • Neither an escape (i.e. travel, numbing, changing locations, jobs/working, relationships) 

Most therapy, coaching and spiritual-wisdom traditions attend to these thorns, gently bring them to the surface with acceptance – cleansing the heart through honesty and compassion. 

It was painful for the thorn to go in, to ignore it for decades – so there is bound to be tears as it comes out. 

And in my experience those tears are not collapsed.  

The grief shifts to acknowledgement, healing and integration. The structures needed for renewal and strengthening a greater capacity toward…