Being overtaken is much more than a trigger or an emotional hijack.  We are overtaken when we continuously operate from a state that is not integrated, that clouds the rays of our Being. Some may live most of their lives without their conscious ego in the driver’s seat – I have spent several moments with an inner adolescent behind the wheels. By recognizing such moments with compassion and grace we gradually become more conscious of the makeup of our ego (and the makeup it likes to wear). We listen to the inner and outer signals to see both ourselves and the world more clearly. 

When overtaken by our external reality we have no time to notice our internal webs that weave our patterns. The moment we notice… just like Neo, we don’t have to fight the agents in the Matrix any longer…we can stop the bullets through an active surrender. Attending to the inner life shifts the outer one. 

As coaches we are taught to coach the person not the problem…what if we coached the person behind the Persona? 

Reflection: What does your expression of love look like? When is it overtaken?