Layers of the Heart: Emotional, Wounded and Spiritual

The heart is the seat of the soul. After much slowing down and listening… I have uncovered three layers: 

The Emotional Heart: 

A young heart – innocent and easily swayed or taken by outside events, illusions and moods. Often seeking pleasure (avoiding or bypassing pain). A wonderful place to BE as it seeks continuous joy and shows great reverence for beauty. Swept up by life’s wonders and the promises of endless fulfillment and joy in the outer world, chasing this, claiming that in an adventure of becoming. Expanding and contracting with the nervous system…a xylophone of feelings. 

The Wounded Heart: 

A maturing heart – requires courage, patience and gentleness to integrate traumas and pain. It signals our attention toward honesty and asks for company in grief. A place of initial disturbance and a doorway to wisdom. The sweet surrender and transformation this part of the heart offers in withdrawing our projections, triggers and entering the inner matrix. The calling for a presence of attention that drips gold to bridge together cracked edges…what was once unbearable becomes undeniable. 

The Spiritual Heart: 

The grounded heart – spiritual not by religion, doctrine or practice – rather one’s own connection to the inner dwelling of God while not inflating one as a such.  Intuitive, perceptive, playful and surrendered to the greater force, plan and rhythm of the Creator. A witness to the tides of the emotional and wounded heart. Anchored in the necessary transformation lifecycles while using prudence to live in the wonder of the present.  The quiet whisper and the timely roar…smiling at life’s irony in deep acceptance glistening serenity…still, satisfied within, holding tragedy with faith as one more event in a trusted unfolding mystery. 

Reflection: What layers do you notice? What are the textures as they blend and appear to separate? 

Kind regards,