The Power in the Shadow 

“A person’s true state of power and riches is to be themselves.” – adapted from Henry Ward Beecher 

Check out this podcast episode with Alisha Herrick, where I talk about What is the Shadow? 

What do powerful people have in common? 

  1. They are willing to stand apart based on their vision, values and beliefs
  2. They are disinhibited, push limits and do not need approval 
  3. They don’t care what others think 
  4. Their authority is with them (on the inside) 

These are individuals who may over time have positive inflation (At an extreme, over inflating oneself can lead to missed cues, a lack empathy and seeking perspective only when proven wrong etc.) 

What do people who drain their power have in common? 

  1. They care about others approval over their own 
  2. They chase validation and conform 
  3. They care a lot and lose themselves in the process 
  4. Their authority is with another (on the outside) 

These are individuals who may over time have more negative inflation (at an extreme, deflating oneself leads to more doubt, boundary loss and being stuck in a critical internal spiral). 

Both are adaptations of the Ego in the Shadow Split (inferiority/superiority). The more extreme a situation in childhood (and adulthood) the more one adapted. 

Integration…seems easy and can take a lifetime of learning to swim in new waters. It is the journey back to wholeness and our humanity. 

Reflection:  Where do you see yourself? What is a point of integration that you have arrived at between the two? 

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