Innocent, Aware and Conscious – A Story

The Human Journey is going from Innocent to Aware to Conscious.  And it is not easy, just ask Medusa.

Though many remember her as the Gorgon monster few know her full journey. Here is a short version: 

Medusa was the high-priestess of Athena who took a vow of celibacy and was devoted to her temple. Many would come to see Medusa – she was radiant and had beautiful long flowing hair. She was so radiant that even the gods desired her. 

Then one day the god of the sea, Poseidon had to have her and took her for one night. Despite her refusal she returned the next day to be banished by Athena for breaking her vow of celibacy. She was turned into the Gorgon with snakes as hair living in a cave. Though many warriors came to defeat her she turned them all to stone, living a life of isolation in a darkness that consumed her and those around.

Until one day a young hero Perseus came along and used his shield (given to him by Athena) to turn the power of Medusa’s gaze toward herself – blinding her while he cut off her head.  Her took her head as proof for his victory and her image continued to be used in battle to ward off enemies. 

Back in the cave…Pegasus was born out of her remains. A divine and immortal creature that could go back and forth between worlds. 

This story is filled with symbolism that parallels the developmental journey of modern life. There are three stages we would uncover in the Coaching Hidden Dimensions program: 

1. Innocent – A time period where authority (that is often human authority) is on the outside and we are puppets to the unconscious. 

2. Aware – Though awake to the shadow, still isolated and shackled by it without complete agency and our self-will only gets us so far.

3. Conscious – In the authority of the true Self, in divine will with the grace to navigate (integrate) between worlds without being over taken by either.