A Calling on the Soul: The Acorn and the Oak Tree.

There once was a group of Acorns that lived near an Oak tree. They had a beautiful and rich community and were keen on personal development. They offered several classes to “better” themselves including “Polish your Acorn Cap”, “Walk with Acorn Confidence”, “Manage Acorn Values and Beliefs”.  

Then one day a bird dropped off an old acorn into the community that had gone missing for some time. This acorn was a bit raggedy looking and seemed out of sorts. The acorns fell into quick judgment. Some rushed to help the acorn and it responded, “Stop, I was carried by the bird for a reason and while carried I was able to see things more clearly. I am falling apart for a reason. Look behind you. I have come to tell you we are not acorns. We are that, and it pointed to a giant Oak Tree. I am not interested in engaging in this community to polish my shell. I won’t need it. I am interested in fulfilling the will of a higher order and becoming an Oak Tree.” 

With that the old acorn left. And the other acorns were astonished at the futility of who they thought they were and what they were trying to “better” when a higher plan awaited them all along to become being a beautiful Oak Tree. 

When you have a calling on the soul – it doesn’t matter where you are placed in life, what role, title or contribution… that calling will find a way to fulfill you. This can be painful because it means letting go of what the ego is identified with.


  1. What does surrender mean to you? 
  2. What are you identified with? How can you keep what you have and loosen your identification with it? 


For those interested this story was shared with me by Beatrice Chestnut as I was learning the Shadow side of the Enneagram types. The Enneagram is a spiritual-psychology tool used in coaching, counseling and spiritual counseling.