Level 2

Vertical Development and
Coaching Hidden Dimensions™ for Coaches

During the level 2 session a coach will be introduced to shadow inquiry in the context of human and adult development models. 

Program Dates  April 23, April 30, May 7 (1pm to 5pm EST, 4 hours). 

Program will cover shadow elements along vertical development and the process of individuation. Cost is $1,250.00

Materials: Recommended readings and videos 

One on one coaching is not provided as part of this workshop, learning is focused through peer based coaching in the group. 

Participants are required to attend all sessions and sign a waiver.

FAQs ​

What is the shadow? It simply means that which is unconscious. While some attribute it to the negative aspects it is the ignored, repressed and not allowed which could include attributes that point to the golden shadow (unrealized potential). 


Why is shadow inquiry relevant for current leadership development and coaching? Patterns are recreated through projections. If patterns remain unconscious these could be detrimental to a leader and their approach. A projection that finds a hook that holds a lot of charge is a trigger. It is important to manage the trigger. It is also important to recognize what is creating the charge behind the trigger. This shifts the view from the trigger as a problem, to a trigger as a source of wisdom. This type of inquiry also helps to further depth and strength to build developmental capacity. 


What supports shadow inquiry? Self-awareness, willingness and readiness. Also, self regulation and anchoring practices that help harness ego states. The first level program is focused on creating support to anchor, develop practices and start to listen. 


What is shadow coaching and inquiry? How is it not therapy? Remaining curious about what shapes people is in the domain of coaching. Labeling, assessing, diagnosing or attempting to heal wounds is not. In shadow inquiry deeper patterns may surface and for that it is helpful to have a list of therapists available (as in all coaching). The key word here is: Inquiry. This work is not about overwhelming the client with what the coach can see (and could be wrong about), it is to spark the client’s own curiosity and introspection toward what is hidden. If you are interested in shadow therapy and Jungian analysis references will be provided.  


Does shadow coaching assume the coach is doing more of the leading and directing? No. The client does the depth work. The coach opens and partners through coaching.


Does shadow awareness change? Yes, with greater awareness – new layers are revealed. 


Can you ever stop doing shadow work? It depends on the school of thought. According to Jung who coined the term –  no because the collective unconscious will remain. The act of becoming more conscious as individuals supports reducing the density in the collective. 


What happens if we ignore the shadow? It continues to be repressed and becomes more dense. The density shows up in repeated patterns as the personality becomes more fixed resulting in unrealized potential and narrowing one’s own life.


Are ICF CCEUs available? Not available yet.